Розкажіть іноземним друзям про Майдан англійською (фотопутівник Олесі Кравчук)

Тернопільська журналістка Олеся Кравчук, яка зараз працює у Києві, світлинами показує ЄвроМайдан своїм іноземним друзям. Оскільки іншомовних читачів у неї багато, то й коментує вона свій фотоальбом англійською. “Погляд” пропонує коротенький англомовний путівник по Майдану від Олесі. Ним ви також можете ділитися з друзями з-за кордону.

People built barricades out of snow and other stuff to protect themselves

It says “Ternopil, we are with you!” and Ternopil is my native city 🙂

It says “Ternopil, we are with you!” and Ternopil is my native city 🙂

These people help others by providing medical help

The group of activists with flags

I didn’t get what exactly that was, but I think it’s something about Kyiv city mayor (his name is written there) and that people are not sattisfied with him. На цей коментар Олесі відповіли уточненням: “He is not city mayor. He was never elected. Yanukovych appointed him and his appointment has expired many month ago”

The piano rests before the new night

Some random guy from Ternopil is capturing his moment

Revolution tents

“Yes to revolution, no to immitation!”

These trees are being the new New Year trees on the Independence Square

People are trying to stay warm

St. Nicholas by the New Year Revolution tree

This is how the main New Year tree of the country looks like

Some New Year decorations

This priest from Mykolaiv is against communism

People are trying to stay warm on the square

Car decorations

This is how people on the square get their news

“Free Mykola Lazarevskyy” – one of the guys who was arrested on the square

Some untranslatable decoration on the main street in Kyiv

This stage is called “Open University of the Square”. Professors from Ukrainian universities and other trainers come and talk about interesting things to people on the square

House decoration by the square

St. Mykhailo church was the church that invited people from the streets to come inside and hid them when they were beaten by the police

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